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Amoxicillin is a penicillin antibiotic that fights bacteria. Amoxicillin is used to treat many different types of infection caused by bacteria, such as tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, gonorrhea, and infections of the ear, nose, throat, skin, or urinary tract. Amoxicillin is also sometimes used together with another antibiotic called clarithromycin (Biaxin) to treat stomach ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori infection. This combination is sometimes used with a stomach acid reducer called lansoprazole (Prevacid). There are many brands and forms of amoxicillin available and not all brands are listed on this leaflet.

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Releasing Our Fear-based Human Ego
by Patricia Cota-Robles

Amoxicillin rezeptfrei bestellen

July 9, 2015


      The Company of Heaven is flooding the mental and emotional strata of this Planet with the profound Truth that this is the most critical, wondrous, and unprecedented time Humanity and the Earth have ever experienced. As a result of this influx of sacred knowledge, which is filtering into the conscious minds and the hearts of the millions of people who are Awakening every single day, people everywhere are sensing that THEIR TIME IS AT HAND. The interpretation of what this Inner Knowing means is dependent on how Awakened a person is. 

     The more Awakened a person is the more likely he or she will realize that this is the moment for which they have been preparing for myriad lifetimes. These people will respond to this opportunity with Love, determination, and the sincere desire to be the instrument of God they volunteered to be prior to this embodiment. They will Lovingly become involved and they will joyously serve as the Open Door through which the Light of God will flow to assist Humanity’s I AM Presence to permanently burst the bonds of the fear-based human ego. This will allow the I AM Presence of every person to then INITIATE HIM OR HER INTO A HIGHER ORDER OF BEING, which will ultimately be a life-transforming experience for Humanity and all Life evolving on the New Earth.

     The less Awakened a person is the more likely that he or she will allow their fragmented and fear-based human ego to usurp the power from their I AM Presence and catapult them into the obsolete reflexes of anxiety, fear, chaos, violence, and the abuse of power. Through the media we can see evidence of this happening all over the World as this process unfolds step by step and unawakened people allow their fear-based human ego to have dominion of their lives instead of giving their power to their Love-based I AM Presence.

     Outer appearances and the bombardment of negative information from global news sources make it look like the unawakened people are in command, but nothing could be further from the Truth. The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth want us to clearly understand that the people on this Planet who are wreaking havoc and causing so much pain and suffering involve a minuscule fraction of the 7,500,000,000 people evolving on Earth. 

     Every single day, there are BILLIONS of people who in one way or another turn their attention to a Higher Power and invoke the Light of God into their lives. These prayers are always heard and they are always answered. In fact, it is due to these heartfelt pleas that Awakened Humanity is succeeding beyond the greatest expectations of Heaven. The unified efforts between Heaven and Earth have created a critical mass of Light and Love that has paved the way for the miraculous facet of the Divine Plan that is unfolding now, and will be God Victoriously accomplished during the events that will take place August 15-20, 2015.

     A few years ago, in preparation for THIS Cosmic Moment, the Company of Heaven gave Humanity a visualization and an Activity of Light that was Divinely Intended to create a sacred space so that eventually the I AM Presence of Awakening Humanity would be able to burst the paralyzing grip of our human egos. The Divine Plan was for a Forcefield of Light to be created that would build in momentum year by year as Lightworkers around the World participated in this powerful Activity of Light which is specifically designed to release Humanity’s human egos. The success of this facet of the Divine Plan initiated a shift of consciousness within Awakening Humanity that reached a critical mass of Light and Love in time for the Birth of the New Earth which took place December 21-22, 2012. This caused an unstoppable shift and cleared the way so that NOW the I AM Presences of Humanity en masse are in position to burst the bonds of their fear-based human egos. This miraculous outcome involves even the most asleep, rebellious, or recalcitrant of unawakened Humanity.

     In order to make the Activity of Light that was given to Humanity by the Company of Heaven readily available to anyone who was interested in releasing their fear-based human ego and assisting the masses of Humanity to do the same, we produced a YouTube video that would help people easily participate. The video was posted a few years ago and hundreds of thousands of people have viewed it and shared the link to the video with people all over the World through emails and social media.

     Now, the Company of Heaven is asking those of us who have the Heart Call to help Humanity and ourselves to release our fear-based human egos to participate in this Activity of Light as often as possible in the final days of preparation before the events that will take place August 15-20, 2015. The easiest way to do this is by watching the 9-minute YouTube video and empowering it with Divine Intentions and the full power of your attention. This is the link to the YouTube video:
     Amoxicillin purchase uk
(If this link does not work please copy and paste it in your browser.)

     Precious Hearts, this is such an important time for all of us abiding on this Planet. Our heartfelt service to the Light is vital and necessary. The entire Company of Heaven is bathing you and Awakening Humanity in waves of Eternal Gratitude for your willingness to be the Open Door that no one can shut for the ever increasing influx of God’s Infinite Light that is flooding the Earth NOW!

     These Beings of Light are also embracing, in new and previously unknown ways, those of you who responded to your Heart’s Call and have selflessly volunteered to travel to Tucson, Arizona to physically participate in the 29th Annual World Congress on Illumination, August 15-20, 2015. This Divine Intervention is designed to lift each and every one of you into the full Divine Momentum of your Highest Potential. 

     Your I AM Presence has been successfully guiding you through the experiences you needed in order to prepare you to fulfill your part of this Activity of Light. Now all is in readiness and you have everything you need to be God Victorious. Through the unified efforts of Heaven and your I AM Presence, you will form the mighty transformer through which the Light of God will flow to burst the bonds of Humanity’s human egos and empower each person’s I AM Presence to INITIATE HIM OR HER INTO A HIGHER ORDER OF BEING. 

     The Company of Heaven will also be assisting in powerful ways those of you who will be joining us in consciousness from your foci of Light wherever you are on this blessed Planet. Remember, whenever you serve as an instrument of God on behalf of your sisters and brothers in the Family of Humanity the floodgates of Heaven open to support you. Just ask and you shall receive whatever assistance and guidance you need from On High. 

     We are deeply honored to serve with all of you in this Holy Endeavor. For those of you who are still contemplating joining us in Tucson for the 29th Annual World Congress on Illumination, here is information that may help you make your decision.

     Every possible outer-world advantage is being provided in order to help us accomplish the maximum benefit from this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan. The Portal of Light through which the Light of God will initially flow during this Cosmic Moment is the Open Door for the most powerful frequencies of Healing and Divine Love on the Planet. The permanent seed atom for this portal is in the foothills of Tucson, Arizona but the portal itself expands throughout the Southwestern United States of America. 

     The Light that perpetually flows through this portal from the very Heart of our Father-Mother God is the Flame of Healing Through the Power of God’s Infinite Transmutation and the Flame of our Mother God’s Transfiguring Divine Love. The event that will host the Activity of Light within this portal August 15-20, 2015 is the 29th Annual World Congress on Illumination.

     The Clarion Call has gone out to Lightworkers around the World inviting those who resonate with this facet of the Divine Plan to come to Tucson, Arizona, to serve as THE OPEN DOOR THAT NO ONE CAN SHUT on behalf of all of our sisters and brothers in the Family of Humanity and Mother Earth herself. Together we will form a mighty transformer through the unification of our Heart Flames. Throughout the entire week the Light of God will build in momentum through the Portal of Light in Tucson and in the right and perfect Cosmic Moment the Company of Heaven will assist the I AM Presence of every person on Earth to burst the bonds of the human ego and then Initiate every man, woman, and child on Earth into a HIGHER ORDER OF BEING. This will occur for every person in perfect alignment with each one’s Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned.

    The more people who are gathered at the 29th Annual World Congress on Illumination in Tucson from all over the World, the more powerful our transformer will be and the more Light we will be able to receive into the physical plane of Earth on behalf of Humanity and Mother Earth.

     If you have the Heart Call to be physically present in Tucson for this Activity of Light, know that Beloved Mother Mary and Saint Germain are preparing your Heart Flame to withstand more 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light than you have ever experienced. This is being accomplished through your I AM Presence within the frequencies of God’s Bliss, Wonder, Awe, and Sublime Gratitude.

     For those of you who will be joining us in consciousness from various locations around the Globe, know that your Heart Flame is also being prepared by Mother Mary and Saint Germain in whatever way is most appropriate for your unique service to the Light for this event.
Dearest Sally

Received this from Patti Cota-Robles so wondered if you and Liz might like to 'meditate' to it tomorrow for part of your meditation and healing session...

     For those of you who are in the process of making your decision about attending the 29th Annual World Congress on Illumination and those who would just like to align with the Portal of Light in Tucson, please watch the 3-minute YouTube Video and you will experience some of the wonders of this location.
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(If this link does not work please copy and paste it in your browser.)

     If you have the Heart Call to be the Open Door and to serve as the mighty transformer of Light the Company of Heaven and Humanity’s I AM Presences need in order to burst the bonds of our human egos and Initiate us into a Higher Order of Being, all of the information is on our Website at the link below.
Amoxicillin brausetabletten preis
(If this link does not work please copy and paste it in your browser.)

     Whatever your decision is,