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Is accutane available in ireland, if it was legal? anon84978 Post 29 I was born in ireland and my mother bought a can of alexandra (it was the only drug then) at a chemist in bhugore and it was an old one, I remember it was a greenish powder, the colour was so intense it hurt, also had a strong odor to it. It was very expensive at the time (very that time), but it was not sold illegally here or for a drug called flunitrazepam that is a central nervous system depressant. I think that the alexandrine was probably in a similar category. i am not sure where to look for information, perhaps it is easy to find because it was sold here? anon77196 Post 28 My friend had her eyes put in contact lenses and was given the medication it never completely worked. Her eyes were not "fixed" with the medication and now have developed thick black lines, not due to the alexandrine, but contact lenses that she wore all of her life. I would recommend not taking alexandrine with the lens. anon77543 Post 27 I was born and brought up in the US, having medication, but when I first moved to the UK I was prescribed it by an older man in a clinic Glasgow and the only thing that changed was my eyes did not dry out as much they did before. I'm still taking it and has never affected my overall eyesight at all. anon72964 Post 26 There is a company called R&O which sells and makes this brand. It is the generic alexandrine with a warning label. anon69416 Post 25 Anon65542: I was born in England and I am now in the UK, where alexandrine is a legal medicine, and the company that sells it and makes in the UK is called R&O, they're in Leicester. They make a very effective eye drops that comes in a tube and costs about 10 pounds a bottle. They are in all major pharmacies, as well supermarkets and drug stores. I'm not really sure where to buy it in the UK but you can check the company's website. R&O sells it for about 20-30 pounds a bottle. If you're going to buy Where to buy accutane in uk it in the UK from anyone else then go ahead as it's legal here! anon68741 Post 24 I was Accutane 120 pills 40 mg - 205.27$ born in Ireland and after I went to college there and then for my undergrad there, I started having vision issues on the left side of my face and then later on in my mid 20's vision went out on my left side as well.

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Accutane 120 pills 40 mg - 205.27$
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Accutane is a powerful medicine used for the treatment of moderate to severe acne.

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