The Goddess & Higher Consciousness!
Happy Navratri!


aum namah sivaya

Divine One,

Happy Navratri! Navratri is the celebrations and worship of Source as the Goddess in Her three forms- Durga (Grace of enlightenment & inspired realities), Laxmi (Grace of fulfillment through spiritual and material abundance) & Saraswati (Grace of empowered thoughts & higher consciousness). The nine days represents the completeness of our own aspirations in every dimension leading us to be whole. The Goddess Sakti, is the emanating power, the essence and the creative manifestation of the Supreme Being, who is beyond opposites.

The Siddhar Sages declare that it is only when humanity worships the Goddess that the collective consciousness will rise. Is humanity mature enough to worship the Goddess? Collective consciousness hinges as peace, love, oneness, non-violence and worship of each other. When the realities of Goddess worship manifests in a society, all women will be treated as equal, if not, more than equal and the children raised by a happy mother will be more conscious. The worship of the Goddess celebrates the sacredness of motherhood & the feminine essence of nurturing, sustenance, fulfillment, creativity, art & inspiration and the dynamics of change/time, the wisdom of Maha Kali.

Navratri observances:
- Alight the lamp at least once a day to invoke the Goddess.
- Sacrifice an activity/habit that serves us no good, for the Goddess. The essence of tapas is the surrender, burning of the past, stepping into the new and the inner fire of awareness each breath.
- Pay gratitude to our tools, the computer, work space etc. It is auspicious to start business/new venture/studies towards the end of Navratri or just after.
- Envision women in our life as a Goddess incarnate.
- From the yogic perspective, be more conscious of the left breath, the moon energy that represents the Goddess within ourselves.
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Navratri Video by Nandhi:
The palm holds the visual form of our past, present and future. Looking at our palms, both palms, held together creates an energy vortex. To empower our human reality further, look at both your palms and say the mantra- Aum Sakti Aum Sakti Aum Sakti Aum Aadi Sakti Maha Sakti Para Sakti Aum Brahma Sakti Visnu Sakti Siva Sakti Aum Nitya Sakti Kriya Sakti Nyana Sakti Aum Look at the fingers and while reciting this mantra, invoke the specific energies- Goddess Laxmi: Enable manifest abundant realities that evolve us through material and spiritual wealth. Look below the fingers at the palms and invoke Goddess Saraswati: Enable empowered thoughts from wisdom to fulfill our divine purpose. Look at the whole hands and invoke Goddess Durga: Enable us to destroy ignorance of karma, the mind and limited circumstances and be enlightened. May the Goddess grace be our each breath to the breathless One as in purpose, the knowing and the ancient intent of wisdom.
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Enlightenment Tip: Cosmic Laugh by Nandhi:
This is the 3rd Part: Enlightenment Tips

1st Part: Utilize the wedge between the Spirit & Mind to find the "I"
2nd Part: Navigate the "I" to higher frequency energies
3rd Part: Let the "I" climb above thoughts and mind to see clearly.

When the time for thought as traffic begins, especially thoughts that cause stress and worries, climb up through sound. Climbing up above the mind by saying "Ha ha hahaa" sounds like laughing yoga and it is. When we make sounds of laughter over a heavy thought, we gradually are given the higher perspective of the problem that now looks smaller than what we thought it to be.
When we are tranquil in thought we get the view from the peak of the mountain of perspective and are able to see more clearly. We see intuitively the moment the mind is brought to stillness. This stillness can happen when the mind climbs above in the resonance of "Aaaaa" and as in the laughter sound of "Ha Ha Hahaaaha!"
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A rare darshan (vision) of Tirupati Balaji: Lord Vishnu of Abundant Grace-
Normally, to see (have the darshan) of Balaji (the name for Lord Vishnu on Tirupati) takes several hours of standing in line and then, after reaching the Deity, the pilgrim is not given more than 10 seconds due to the large numbers of the crowd. Tirupati Balaji is the second richest temple in the world due to a reason. The reason is He is a fulfiller of desires and when we think of a desire and make a vow that upon the desire being fulfilled, you will come back and make an offering such as your hair or anything else, the wish is fulfilled.
However, only a very few are given the ultimate darshan- the abishekam darshan of Lord Balaji. Abishekam is a special worship done on the Deity by offering the representation of the five elements through water, milk, flowers etc.  So, as you watch the abishekam, be blesses by the Lord of Abundant Grace, Lord Vishnu:

Jai Guruve Thunai- Means: May wisdom as each thought be present/ May the Inner Guru be awake/ May the Ancient Masters be Here Now

Tapasyogi Kalathi Adiyen Aadi Nandhi

Shared sacred intent of Bhakti Fest:

By the grace of Amma, the Siddhars and the ancient intent, Nandhi was given the honor to do the inaugural yagna (fire) and the closing yagna for Bhakti Fest, the gathering to celebrate Source.
The inaugural day being Sept 09, we set alight the beautiful yagna to commemorate the 09/11 victims through love by invoking Allah. We intensified the inner fire through our Siddhi Ganapathy shrine participative pujas (Amma Sanctuary booth) with our lamp lit 24/7. The closing ceremony was the celebration of the awake grace of joy shifted from the external to the internal fire. We invoked Allah and declared each conscious being celebrating Bhakti Fest as a prophet of peace and love. Yes, we are the messengers of Oneness- the Oneness beyond bounds of the little minds of ignorance. We are the Oneness that is wisdom and the perfect intellect in the Now.

We now unfold the Navratri celebrations honoring Goddess Durga who helps destroy ignorance that shackles women & societies through the opium of religion and obsolete beliefs that is contradictory to non-violence and peace.




Our Ariven Community Ihc (non-profit) Project


Be an Ariven!
A small contribution of even $5 from you to Ariven Community is a huge dharma investment for Planet Earth! Connect to uplift humanity through higher consciousness. Gratitude for your heart's gesture & support!

[]  Sanctuary home for retired animals rescued from slaughterhouses
[]  Grow intelligent organic food
[]  Share 50% of the organic vegetarian produce with the hungry
[]  Teach, guide and sustain vegetarianism worldwide
[]  Create a global community of the awake, the Ariven
[]   Earth nurturing, sustainable new industries to be created

Where YOU can help!
- Your help can be in so many ways. Donation of funds is valuable but your contribution by way of time and effort too really helps- wherever on Planet Earth you are!
 Let us know what brings you joy or what skills you might have to offer or any thoughts- email us! A note to those who volunteer: We are abundant beings and we intend this abundance to be shared. Your future with Ariven will not only be fulfilling but also abundant spiritually and in the physical. Write to us-


Self Mastery
Kalangi Yoga: The Yoga of Self Mastery

It does not matter if you are new to yoga or if you are a yoga teacher. If yoga postures is a computer, Nandhi teaches the software within

Join the ancient circle : Kalangi Yoga
Kalangi Yoga is the awakening yoga practice of the Siddhar Sages. "Kala" mean time. "Angi" is to wear. Kalangi means - creating the now magical moment Now. Kalangi Yoga entails asanas (postures), yogic techniques of breath, visualization, mantras through the sequence and an every moment inner fire of awareness.
Join the ancient circle!

- Awaken your inner fire through a series of gentle yoga postures along with advanced but simple yogic techniques.
- Connect to the ancient lineage of enlightened masters through potent mantras of the mystic circle.
- Learn pranayama, bandha, visualization methods to enhance your inner journey.
- Do empowered yoga & meditation at home by yourself every day and experience human reality as Spirit, the Master
- Awaken to an inspired life of good health, love, abundance and wisdom through the practice of Kalangi Yoga.
- Be the Master and make time your slave.

[For those who cannot be in the physical to attend this workshop- we recommend taking the journey of SivaSivaa. SivaSivaa is an empowering inner journey of initiation, teachings, Siddhar mantras, pranayams (breathing techniques), visualization and awakening energies of the Siddhars. More info/details ]

Sept Workshop:
- Sept 26 Time: 4pm onwards  (Includes SivaSivaa CD set & turban)
Attention for those wishing to stay in our Ariven Temple : If you are from out of state or not from Los Angeles and would like to stay in our Ariven Temple to start the journey a day earlier, we welcome you to. Please call us for cost & details 310-451 737 or email us for details.

Our space is limited. Hence early registration is recommended. To register/ learn more -



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